How to learn something new

Have you ever worked on a car? Imagine you’ve never even opened the hood of a car, and someone starts talking to you about how the lifters and rods work, or how the cam position sensor works. Do you think you might feel a bit lost and confused? Now imagine if that same person loved Honda but hated Nissan, and they started going into why Nissan was terrible, in technical terms.

Religion is much more important than cars, but it is still a subject that a lot of people have a hard time understanding or maybe haven’t even thought about yet. If you’ve heard something odd about Mormons, chances are it was poorly explained and too complex, and possible completely wrong. So, here’s my advice when you want to learn something new:

  1. Start out with the basics. Some basics about Mormons include the fact that we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior, we believe that he is the son of God, our heavenly Father, and that he was created in God’s image, as we are. We also believe in the Holy Ghost.
  2. Understand the scope of the topic. Some topics are more complex. Cars are more complex than hot dogs, and religion is possibly one of the most complex subjects out there. Expect that there will be things you won’t get up-front and start with the simple stuff.
  3. Learn and Grow. Don’t worry, just because there are some things that won’t make as much sense at first, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever understand them.

Keep in mind that the same is true with all religious principles- there isn’t a religion on earth that will make sense in one look. Keep at it and you’ll understand all that you want to.

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