When you have questions

I just want to make an observation. There are many people on this earth who will tell you what to think. They’ll make a convincing argument based on their position, power, or education. My advice: trust only one source- God.

As a Mormon, I believe that God is the ultimate source of knowledge. Through his Holy Spirit he has given us a way to know whether or not something, anything, is true. Through prayer, we can ask God about anything.

It is important to know that this ability to ask God includes the ability to ask him about his revealed doctrine found in the scriptures. If you read a passage in the Bible, you have every right to ask God about its truthfulness. I personally believe he will always answer in the affirmative when it comes to holy writings, but that does not mean you can’t ask. That also does not mean you shouldn’t ask. In fact, I believe you should always ask, so that you can know for yourself what God wants you to know.

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