Casual questions about mormonism

If you just have some casual questions about mormonism, that’s fine, please do let me know. I realize that people are often just a little curious about mormons. I’ll try to answer as simply as I know how, without trying to make you agree or believe anything I say. This site is here for those types of questions.

This brings up what I like to call my “best advice on religion.” It is simply to approach religion as a personal thing, and focus on your relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Even if you’re not Christian, you can focus on your relationship with Diety. When you focus on God, or Diety by any other name that you know Him by, you will find that all of your questions are answered in the way you need them to be answered.

To summarize, focus on God, ask God and you won’t go wrong. Books are good, discussion is good, and learning from other people is good, but always ask God in the end, and you can’t go wrong.

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