What do Mormons think about God?

I know there are a lot of different ideas about the nature of God. We believe in God, and in his Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. To me, God is a personal and loving God, who is in fact my heavenly father, or the father of my spirit. This personal parent-child relationship means that God has my best interests at heart, but it also means that I can strive to be like Him, or like Jesus Christ, because he is my father.

Mormon.org has a good article on the subject. You can view the article at this link. Here is a bit from it:

“God is your Father in Heaven (Matthew 6:9).  We call God Heavenly Father because He is the Father of our spirits and we are created in His image ( Genesis 1:27) … Your Heavenly Father knows you and loves you and wants to help you return to Him.  Your life on Earth is part of His plan for you to gain a body, learn, grow, and find joy.  Sometimes life is hard, lonely, or frightening, but your Heavenly Father is always there.  He sorrows when you suffer and rejoices when you do what is right.  He wants to communicate with you as you sincerely pray to Him, and He stands ready to give you comfort, peace, and guidance in your life.”


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