The Holy Spirit: The ultimate teacher

I was asked via the question form about what Mormons believe when it comes to teaching by the spirit. I believe that the Holy Spirit is the best teacher, and an ultimate source of all good learning. In the bible we learn that the Spirit can work with our own spirit, directing us when we fall short ourselves (Romans 8:26).

When it comes to teaching other people, the Spirit can help ensure that we are teaching truth, and that what we are teaching will benefit others. When we are in a position where God would have us teach others of His truth, he will give us a portion of His Spirit to help us in our task. A parent may feel the help of the Spirit when they are teaching their children, just as a sunday school teacher may feel the same Spirit help as they try to instruct and guide their students.

But teaching is only half of the equation. We also need to strive to learn and understand truth, seeking to feel the Spirit as we learn, and looking for a confirmation that what we are learning comes from God.

There is a good article on that talks more about the subject. It is quoted and linked below. I would add my own personal testimony that the Spirit of God is available for all men, women and children to feel. By opening your heart you can feel it, and it will teach you the truth of all things.

“Preaching by the Spirit and learning by faith are companion principles that we should strive to understand and apply concurrently and consistently.”

“The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhead, and He is the teacher and witness of all truth.” article on teaching and learning by the Spirit and by faith