Mormons in the news

People often ask me why Mormons are in the news so much.  We strive to uphold traditional Christian values about the family, marriage and doing good in the world.  We are encouraged to donate for charity, and participate actively in volunteer efforts in our communities.  We are very involved in the Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs, and give millions to relief efforts around the globe each year.

These are things that many good people in this world do, not just Mormons. I think we end up in the news more often because we aren’t as understood as most Christian churches- we’re somewhat of a mystery to many people. I hope this blog gives some people a chance to ask some questions, that’s what I’m doing it for.

Sometimes it is not Mormons (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) who are in the news, but people who used to be Mormons but have gone off on their own, with their own beliefs and ideas.  These people often don’t hold Christian values, break the laws of the land, and contribute to confusion people might have about the Mormon church.  If you’re confused about the Mormon church, go right to the source to see what we believe. Check out the official church websites. They have excellent search engines that will let you look up our beliefs on pretty much any subject., official mormon church website, another official mormon church website

And of course, feel free to ask me any basic questions about the church that you’d like, and I’ll be glad to answer them on this blog.