Free video about Jesus Christ

There is a free video about Jesus Christ, called “The Lamb of God”. You can order a copy here:

Order a free Lamb of God video online

“The events in the last week of Jesus Christ’s mortal life greatly impact all mankind; nearly one-third of the text in the four Gospels of the New Testament focuses on these last, pivotal seven days. The Lamb of God is a 27-minute video presentation that takes viewers into the midst of those events, allowing them to feel the emotion, the reality, and the wonder as Jesus Christ, the Son of God, suffers for the sins of the world.”


What is food storage all about?

Many people have heard about Mormon “food storage”- the idea that a family should stock enough food and basic supplies to take care of itself for a full year. The idea isn’t necessarily unique to Mormons, but our church does recommend that we stock enough food and supplies to be ready in case of emergency.

Those emergencies can range from a short power outage to an earthquake or tornado. You really never know when disaster will strike, and having supplies on-hand can make your life a lot easier when a disaster happens.

If you think about it, a family might even have a personal disaster, such as the loss of a job or an accident. There are many situations where having the necessities of life can really be a saving grace.

If it were up to me, I would encourage everyone to store away some food, water and other essentials in case of emergency. You can start with a week’s worth, and move up to a month supply. Store things that you use, and rotate through your storage. You’ll be surprise at the piece of mind that it gives you.