What is a Mormon church meeting like?

People often wonder what a Mormon church meeting is like. Our meetings are split into three parts: Sacrament meeting, Sunday School and Priesthood / Relief Society.

The first, and most important meeting, is the Sacrament meeting. During this meeting time members of the church are encouraged to take the bread and water as symbols of their remembrance of Jesus Christ, and his death for us on the cross. After a short sacrament prayer, the sacrament is passed through the congregation, and members take some time in silence to think on that great Sacrifice that Christ made for us.  For the remainder of this first meeting, members of the congregation who have been previously asked to speak come to the pulpit and give their thoughts on the subject of that day.  Subjects might include Christ, the family, the Holy Spirit, etc.

The second meeting is Sunday School. During Sunday School everyone goes into their classes based on their age (there are classes for the different aged kids, as well as classes for the adults). The teachers are members of the congregation who have accepted the responsibility of teaching. There are lesson manuals, the Bible and the Book of Mormon from which all of the teachers are encouraged to teach. Teachers are above all encouraged to try to listed to the Holy Spirit, and teach the things that will most help the members of their class. Class participation is greatly encouraged, and there are no right or wrong questions or comments.

During the third part of the church meetings the men and young men go to Priesthood meetings, and the women go to Relief Society meetings. The Relief Society is the oldest women’s organization in the world, and they have the opportunity to organize and participate in many humanitarian efforts (which the men also help with, of course) around the globe. The Priesthood meetings are classes where the subject is often how to be a better father, a better husband, and a better person before God.

All of the meetings are open to anyone, and guests can come and go as they please. If you’re curious about a Mormon church meeting, the best thing is to look up a meeting house on the official church website:


You can also find meeting times. Just show up, or if you know a friend who is Mormon, let them know you’d like to come. Most people wear something similar to business casual, while others wear suits. Dresses and skirts are also common, but everyone can wear what they like. No one would be turned away for the clothes they wear.

More questions about Mormon church meetings? Feel free to ask me or a friend!

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