What do Mormon Missionaries Do?

A lot of people are curious about what exactly Mormon missionaries do. They see the young men riding around in suits and ties, on bicycles, and are naturally curious. Many have even had them knock at the door.

When you see a missionary, keep in mind that there is nothing to worry about. These are outstanding young men from around the world who have chosen, at their own expense, to travel and share their belief in Jesus Christ with everyone who will listen.

Mormon missionaries are also there to answer quesitons you might have about the mormon church and our beliefs. Invite them in, or just have a chat with them on the doorstep. Ask them whatever questions you may have about the church. They will be glad to answer them.

If you decide you want to learn more, the missionaries have a set of topics that cover our beliefs, a bit about our church history, as well as why we feel the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so important to the world today. Ask them if you can go over those topics together, and they’ll set up a time where you can talk.

You canl also ask the mormon missionaries for a free copy of the Book or Mormon (in any language), and for any other literature you might be interested in (family values, gospel topics, etc). They can even help you meet some mormons from around your area, or show you where the mormon meeting houses are.

The bottom line: Mormon missionaries are nothing to be afraid of, they are there to answer your questions, and not to pressure you. They’re friendly and are out in the world on their own dime, and by their own choice. I know, because I was one a few years back. It was a wonderful experience, and I met many wonderful people.

If you have more questions about mormon missionaries, please feel free to ask!