What is “General Conference”

Are you curious about the “General Conference” that is held by the Mormons twice each year? Here is a little bit of information about that general conference that will hopefully answer some of your questions.

General Conference, in the Mormon Church, is an event for the entire church to take part in. The conference itself is held in Salt Lake city, but it is also broadcast around the world in over 100 languages. You can also watch it in real-time on the internet at lds.org, or watch, read or listen to the conference after it is over.

Anyone can watch and listen to the General Conference of the Mormon church.  During the conference, church leaders talk about issues that we are all faced with, such as keeping our faith centered in Christ during difficult times, overcoming hardships in life, and helping others, to name a few.

The October 2008 general conference was the last general conference. You can still watch the video archive, or read about it at the following link:

Watch or read about the Oct 2008 general conference

The next conference will be held in April, 2009.  You can watch the 2009 general conference live on Lds.org, or you can read about it after it happens.

If you have any questions about the General Conference, please feel free to ask. Otherwise, feel free to visit the link above for more information and to view the subjects yourself.


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