Our Relationship With God

Every one of us can have a personal relationship with God, our Father in Heaven. Mormon’s believe that God is “the Father of our spirits,” that we lived with Him before this life, and that our goal is to return to Him after this life is over.

As our Father, God has a personal relationship with each of us, and cares about us personally. The scriptures provide ample proof of God’s love for each of us. God has also provided a type through His Son, Jesus Christ, whom He sent down to set the example for us.

In the Bible, John 14:21 reads:

He that hath my commandments, and akeepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be bloved of my Father, and I will love him, and will cmanifest myself to him.

How clear a message of Love from the Father and the Son!

Knowing that the scriptures are clear on the love of God, we then have to understand what we need to do. John 14:21 above tells us that we should kee the commandments of God. God, as our loving Father, gives us commandments not to control us, but to help us, and to spare us the heartache that comes from sin. The commandments of God are another sign of His love for us.

Another evidence of God’s love is found in our own lives, as a pattern and a type. Parents know and understand the love one can have for a child. There are stories of parental love that put the safety of the child above even the life of the parent. Most parents would die, so that their child could have a chance to live.

These strong parental feelings are not coincidence, nor are they instinct. They are a result of our relationship with God. He created us, and as His children, we are like Him innately. At our core, we are all good creatures, just like the loving God that created us.

If you have more questions about God’s love for us, or our personal relationship with him, feel free to post them on this blog. Your comments are always personal, and I will respond personally if you request it. No question is too silly, and all of our feelings for God and His love are important.

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