Mormon General Conference Follow-Up

The 179th annual Mormon general conference is past now, but the video archives of the general conference are available for all to view:

Mormon General Conference Archive

You can view the video of the conference, which is translated for listening in many languages, if you want to see what was talked about during the general conference.

My Personal Experience With General Conference

As is often the case with general conference, I personally was able to take away many good things to think about in my own life. Many of the general conference speakers touched on thoughts of Easter, which is centered around the life and death of Christ, and the sacrifice that He made for each of us.

Another topic that was touched on was the current trials and troubles that we are facing in the world today. The speakers at the general conference gave an interesting perspective on the issues. Instead of focusing on the problems that we face today, or focusing on how we might find comfort or solice, the speakers focused on the problems that human-kind have faced in the past.

When we look at our problems today in many places, which include job-loss, financial ruin, wonder and worry about the future, etc., it is easy to feel self-pity for our situation. But when you compare our current situation and suffering against the backdrop of history, it is hard to complain at all. In one true story that was shared, we heard of a mother who was displaced from her home after WWII, and was forced to walk a 1000 mile journey alone with her children.

Each of that woman’s children died during that march, either of cold or of hunger, or both. She burried them with her bare hands, alone. When you consider what people have gone through on this earth, and remained faithful, it is hard to feel justified in doubting, fearing and dispairing at our current situations.

One thing that is also important to understand is that, no matter where we are, there is always someone worse off that we can help. We should reach out to these people, and help them in their journey. If we have any ability to help, we should do it. And many times, even when it seems like we have nothing left to give, at those times, if we do give, we find that we have so much more than we ever understood.

If you have watched the conference, and have questions, please let me know on this website. Also, feel free to ask other general questions about Mormonism, or the Mormon general conference.

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