Mormon advice for rough times?

People often see certain aspects of the Mormon faith and are lead to ask “what advice can Mormons give during rough times?” Rough times might include periods of unemployment, family troubles, difficulty raising children, or personal trials. One thing is certain: we will all face our own “rough times” at some point in our lives.

Prepare in advance for rough times

One of the best pieces of advice that one might observe in the Mormon faith is the principle of “preparing” for rough times. This is not just a material concept, it is also a spiritual and emotional one. We “prepare” spiritually by pushing ourselves to learn and grown, even when times are good. It is easy and natural to turn to God when things are hard, but you “prepare” by turning to Him all the time.

You can prepare spiritually and emotionally by doing simple things each day. Read your scriptures- for you it might be the Bible or another holy book. It might be motivational books for you at this point. Whatever it is, read a little each day, and take the inspiration those things provide into your daily life.

Another simple daily thing you can do to prepare “spiritually” is to give adequate attention to your family life. We all know the quote that tells us how much we won’t regret missing that extra hour at the office when we’re gone, but how much pain it will give us to know that we missed precious time with our families. Spend time each day, perhaps in the morning and evening, talking with your family. Make it a habit, and have everyone be involved. Set aside additional time once a week for a special outing, dinner, or other family-centered evening.

Preparing Materially

Mormons call this “temporal” preparation. “Temporal” simply means all things related to our physical needs, or the sustanance of our bodies. One thing Mormons are famous for is food storage. You don’t have to run out and buy a years supply of food. In fact, most Mormons don’t start this way either! Buy a little extra food each shopping trip, perhaps some canned goods, that you know you’ll use. It ads up fast, and every extra can you buy is security for your family. Read more on my food storage page for links and more ideas.

Be Happy

I think most people feel that being happy is a result of pleasant happenings in our lives. Happiness, it seems, is a state that we are in when things are going our way. I disagree with this thought, and propose that being happy is a choice. There are ample examples of people who, in spite of the worst conditions, are happy. This includes people from every walk of life. There are also ample examples of people who are sad, in spite of having every material comfort imaginable.

Mormon advice for rough times? Be happy! Thank God for all the good things that you have, and all the bad things that you don’t have to deal with. No matter how bad you have it, someone else has it worse. No matter how alone you feel, Christ was more alone, and suffered more. He understands, and can help you through those times.

If you want to learn more about any of these subjects, just let me know. You can email me using the Ask a Question page.

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