Our faith in Christ

There have been a few news articles lately that highlight Mormonism as it relates to other Christian denominations. People often ask what we believe about Christ, or how we view the Godhead, or whether or not we are Christians. We believe in Christ, we talk of Christ, we hope in Christ, we prophecy of Christ, and we know that Christ is our Savior.

One great source for finding out what the Mormon church is really all about is LDS.org. On LDS.org you will have instant and easy access to all of our doctrines. You can easily and quickly search through our scriptures, our general conference records, and a variety of other church materials. You can even download PDF versions of many LDS church books and magazines, all of which will give you insights to what we read, study, and believe.

Of particular interest on the subject of our belief in Christ is this article from LDS.org. The article gives a wonderfully complete overview of our faith in Christ, that he lived on the earth, suffered and died for our sins, and will come again. Here is a brief excerpt from the article, which I recommend reading in full:

We solemnly testify that His life, which is central to all human history, neither began in Bethlehem nor concluded on Calvary. He was the Firstborn of the Father, the Only Begotten Son in the flesh, the Redeemer of the world.

Even with all of the evidence of our faith and total dependance on Christ in Mormonism, nothing will convince a person about our Christianity. The key, if you truly want to understand about our deep dedication to Jesus Christ, is to ask God in the name of Christ. Prayer is the only way to gain a testimony of the truth because it comes from our Father, who gives to all equally, without holding anything back.

As you look around for information and answers and Mormonism, and about Christianity and Mormonism, please keep a prayer in your heart. I add my testimony to those you might come across: that Christ lives, and that He loves us with an infinite love. He is patient, and personally knows each of us. He has suffered for our sins so that we might not, if we will turn our hearts to him and rely wholy on his merits and mercies. Christ has set an example for us in baptism, and in the Sacrament of His Last Supper. He has set an example in all things.

If you have more questions about mormonism, or mormonism as it relates to the rest of Christianity, please feel free to ask them here on this blog, or visit mormon.org to chat with a mormon missionary who can help answer your questions. If you have a friend who is mormon, that’s also a great way to learn about Mormonism!


How do Mormons feel about prayer? How to Mormons pray?

In the LDS church, we believe that anyone can pray, at any time, and that God will hear and answer every sincere prayer. Our basic belief about prayers is this:

We are all children of God. He loves us and knows our needs, and He wants us to communicate with Him through prayer. We should pray to Him and no one else. The Lord Jesus Christ commanded, “Ye must always pray unto the Father in my name” (3 Nephi 18:19). As we make a habit of approaching God in prayer, we will come to know Him and draw ever nearer to Him. Our desires will become more like His. We will be able to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that He is ready to give if we will but ask in faith.

For me, prayer is a deeply personal event. Even so, it is sometimes shared with family, friends, or even strangers. The unifying factor that lets this personal experience be so readily shared is our universal nature as sons and daughters of God on the earth. We are all here together, and we can all pray to our Heavenly Father any time we want or need to.

Mormons pray very simply. We don’t memorize prayers, and we generally say what comes to our heart. We address our Father in Heaven, thank Him for specific blessings he has given us, ask for things we need, and close in the name of His Son. I believe that God will hear any prayer, no matter what is said, if it is done in humility, searching for God’s help and presence.

There are times when we don’t feel like praying. The fact is, these are the times when we need to pray the most. When we’re down, disappointed, discourage or in dispair, prayer can lift is back to an understand and clear view of our lives. When we’re worried about others, prayer can help ease our own burnden, and can bring about miracles in lives beyond our own.

Recently on LDS.org there was an article featured by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency of the LDS church. In his profession, he was a commercial pilot, and in his article he relates a story of how he used to feel when he broke through dark storm clouds and into the sun that shone above. He relates:

Prayer is a heavenly gift designed to help us achieve spiritual lift. It enhances and cultivates our relationship with God. Isn’t it remarkable that we can converse with the supreme Source of wisdom and compassion in the universe at any time of our choosing, in any place?

Daily simple, sincere, and mighty prayers lift our lives to a higher spiritual altitude. In our prayers we praise God, give thanks to Him, confess weaknesses, petition needs, and express deep devotion to our Heavenly Father. As we make this spiritual effort in the name of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, we are endowed with increased inspiration, revelation, and righteousness, which bring the brightness of heaven into our lives.

I think back on my days as a pilot and those times when thick clouds and threatening thunderstorms made all appear dark and gloomy. In spite of how bleak things looked from my earthly vantage point, I knew that above the clouds the sun beamed brightly like a dazzling jewel in an ocean of blue skies. I did not have faith that such was the case—I knew it. I knew it because I had experienced it for myself. I did not need to rely on other people’s theories or beliefs. I knew.

In the same way that aerodynamic lift can transport us above the outer storms of the world, I know that the principles of spiritual lift can take us above the inner storms of life.

And I know something else. Although it was a breathtaking experience to break through the clouds and fly to the bright blue horizon, that is nothing compared to the wonders of what we all can experience as we lift up our hearts in humble and earnest prayer.

Prayer helps us transcend the stormy times. It gives us a glimpse of that blue sky that we cannot see from our earthly vantage point, and it reveals to us another vista—a glorious spiritual horizon filled with hope and the assurance of the bright blessings the Lord has promised to those who love and follow Him.

I know that God lives, and that he sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us, so that we would not have to go through this life alone. We can always turn to God in prayer for answers and help. We can receive divine guidance, inspiration, and answers, if we will have faith.