How can food storage help every family?

Mormons store food. It is a well known fact, and it is something that we’ve been doing for decades. Food storage isn’t new, and Mormons certainly didn’t invent it. Possibly the most famous ancient case of “food storage” is the story of Joseph in Egypt, who helped the Pharoh see the value and importance of storing and preparing in order to save his people from famine.

In Joseph’s day, Pharoh (who was not of Joseph’s religious background) was warned by God to prepare for the times ahead. They faced years of plenty, followed by years of terrible distressed lacking. Had they not been warned, the people may have done what comes naturally in times of plenty: sat back, enjoyed it and imagined it would never change.

When things are going good, it is normal for people to feel that they will never go badly again. But this is not wisdom. No matter what religion you ascribe to, it just makes sense to look at mormon food storage as “wisdom for our times.” If you follow the news, you realize just how deep this wisdom really is. Mormons have been urged to store food continually, even in times of “plenty.” In recent years, with food shortages, crop failures, and grain disease around the globe, storing food has become even more important.

Even so, food storage is NOT only for those who want to be prepared for a shortage. Food storage can be useful in a variety of situations, and can even make your daily life, budgeting and living easier and more healthful. Here are just a few ways that food storage might make life easier, even without disaster:

  1. Unemployment: A popular argument for food storage is that having stored food can lessen the stress of unemployment. When you have supplies stored that you can use, it frees up a restricted budget caused by unemployment or underemployment. It is one less thing you have to worry about buying. The psychological value of having enough to eat can really make a tight budget less troublesome. Having less to worry about can make you more confident as you search for new work.
  2. Bulk=Savings: Everyone knows that when you buy in bulk, you save significant amounts of money. It is not small change: buying in bulk can mean paying half as much, or less, for a product. When you purchase food storage items in larger quantities, your budget for food can go even farther. This is wonderful, even in times of prosperity. The extra money can be used to pay down debt, build a savings, or help others. It is a wonderful feeling to have food storage that also increases your financial freedom.
  3. Minor Emergencies: Food storage isn’t just good for catastrophes, it is also useful in very minor emergencies. In one location that I lived, ice storms could trap you in your home for several days at a time. Everyone was in the same boat. When an ice storm was predicted, the store shelves would be emptied of essentials immediately. With food storage at home, and other preparedness items, we didn’t even need to worry about rushing to the store. We had everything we needed, and our stress level didn’t have to raise for a minor “emergency.”

There are many more reasons that Mormons store food. Whether you know or are interested in Mormon doctrines and religious beliefs doesn’t matter: one thing you can take away from Mormonism is an emphasis on self-reliance, an emphasis on providing for your family and for others, and the idea that a loving Heavenly Father wants to protect us from the storms of life, literal or otherwise.

Have additional questions about food storage or Mormonism? feel free to post them here for real, quick answers.


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