A new LDS temple in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Arizona, the nations 5th largest city and one of the fastest growing, will soon be home to a new LDS temple. This new addition, which will be built in North Phoenix, will be one of less than 200 temples in the entire world.

The LDS church has a long history in Arizona, where they settled and irrigated much of what was otherwise uninhabitable in the late 1800’s. The LDS temple in Mesa, AZ was completed in 1927, and is still there today.

LDS temples are beautiful, and their relative rarity makes them a draw for local economies. Where they are built housing and tourism markets always improve.

Mormons strive to be a very family and community oriented people. We strive to live in a way that is beneficial to our cities, countries and local communities. We generally participate in programs like Scouting, and are encouraged to spend time doing community service.

If you have questions about the North Phoenix temple that is being planned, please feel free to post them here!

Mesa Arizona LDS Temple

Mesa Arizona LDS Temple


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