Religious Freedom

A recent article linked on addresses the topic of religious freedom in our world today. The full article is here:

Religious freedom is threatened in our time

I agree fully with the speaker, and feel that our most important and critical freedom is in fact our freedom to worship as we choose. That freedom alone was enough to drive the founders of this nation to living, fighting and dying for this nation.

One issue the speaker addresses is the fact that certain people would like to silence views that differ from their own in the public arena. This may seem like an attack on our freedom of speech, but it is much more. Besides just silencing dissenting views, these parties wish to force everyone to accept their own views or face legal action.

No religious body should be forced to accept the actions or views of another. Our freedom to practice religion as we see fit is core to what makes this country great. All of our freedoms can be traced back to this one, and none of our freedoms could stand without it.

This is a great article, worthy of reading or watching online in its entirety. As for me, I will continue to look for ways to fight for this freedom, even while so many of my freedoms are being attacked. We can and must choose our battles, and religious freedom must be the first and primary battle that we fight. Without religious freedom, all else is lost.

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