Fight against LDS temple height continues

Unfortunately, the fighting continues

Even after the planning commission and city council approved the issue unanimously, I am sorry to say that the bitter fighting against the re-zoning of the North Phoenix LDS temple grounds continues. A new political action group entitled the “Phoenix Property Rights Coalition,” was formed on the first Monday in December, with hopes of gathering 15,000 signatures by Jan. 2nd to overturn the city councils unanimous vote.

Interestingly, the Mormon church already has the right to build under current zoning and under current statutes. The re-zoning will actually restrict the Mormon church more, and force them to make concessions to the neighborhood. The petition and fighting won’t stop the construction of a temple in that area, nor will it delay it. The only thing they might accomplish is restricting the temple’s main building height to 30ft instead of 40.

To me it is sad that one HOA is so embattled against a relatively small variance request in a simple re-zoning application.  The re-zoning was at the request and recommendation of the city in the first place, and the LDS church is doing everything it possibly can to make all sides happy. Short of not building our temple there, I’m not sure what would make the HOA happy.

Sadly too, even if the temple location was moved, the anti-Mormon groups who may or may not be involved in this issue (they appear to work in secrecy, and have not announced themselves at any of the meetings) would still oppose.

Mormons are committed to being great neighbors

The thing to remember in all of this political wrap-up is this: Mormons have always shown a strong commitment to family and community.  We are encouraged to donate to our communities, and to volunteer our time and efforts to make communities better. This extends to every community we can reach, and not just the ones we live directly in.

Phoenix is the same. There are countless instances of community service, organized and carried out by the LDS people in Phoenix every year. It is an opportunity for us to show our love for the Savior Jesus Christ, by helping His children here on earth.

When the Temple is built, it will be an extension of that commitment to serve the community.

Do you have questions about Mormons, Mormonism or Temples?

If you do have questions about the North Phoenix Temple, please feel free to ask them here. You can also ask using the “Joe is Mormon” link on the right-hand side, which does not require registration to post a question.

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