Where can I find out about Mormon relief aid to Haiti?

With the terrible destruction in Haiti from the recent earthquake, people are looking for as much information as they can get on what is going on to help the people of Haiti. As a part of our faith, and like all Christians, Mormons are dedicated through the gospel to help those in need, or those who suffer.

Many people are curious about what the Mormon church is doing to help, and wonder what the best source of accurate information is. I propose that the LDS.org newsroom is the most accurate and timely source. The newsroom is where you will find all official news publications and releases relating to the LDS (or “Mormon”) church. You can visit the newsroom here:

Visit the LDS newsroom to read about Haiti relief efforts by the Mormons

Another question that people have is, “how can I help?” You can certainly dontate to a variety of reliable source. ¬†Search reputable news outlets for good charities to donate to. The Red Cross is one of my favorites. ¬†If you want to donate to the LDS church, specifically for relief efforts, you can certainly do that as well; just use the meetinghouse locator at the top of this website. You can stop by to drop off a donation (you will get a receipt).

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