Update on the temple in Phoenix

The entire recent debate, and argument before the Phoenix Arizona city council, was on whether to allow a variance in a new PUD zoning application. This variance would have allowed for an additional 10ft of height on the Phoenix LDS temple. The city council unanimously approved the variance, for a number of reasons.

The groups who were opposing the temple pulled together signatures sufficient to put the variance request on a ballot, in spite of the city being done with the request.

Luckily for all involved, the LDS church has withdrawn their request for the variance, and has decided to redesign the temple to fit within the 30ft height restriction of their current zoning. This means a great deal of savings for the tax payers in Phoenix.

On the flip side, if the church decides to abandon the PUD zoning, the tax payer will lose out in a certain degree. I will update again when I know which zoning the church will be using.

One thing is for certain; the temple will be built in Phoenix, and it will be built within the bounds of the law, on the land that the church owns and has designated for that purpose. I sincerely hope that wherever and whenever it is built, the neighbors will enjoy its beauty and presence.

If you have any questions about temples, or specifically about the temple being built in Phoenix Arizona, please feel free to ask them here!

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