What is the Book of Mormon about?

A lot of people ask “what is the Book of Mormon about?” Here is a brief summary of what the Book of Mormon is, and what it contains. This is the first of a two-part post. In the next post, I will answer the question “Why is the Book of Mormon important?”

The Book of Mormon is an ancient record

The Book of Mormon contains the record of several peoples. The main part of the record spans nearly 1000 years of history; from about 600 B.C. to about 421 A.D. It was translated from records that were written in Reformed Egyptian; though the book was written by people of Jewish decent, Hebrew was unsuitable for condensed writing, so Egyptian was used instead (it being highly compact, and known among the Hebrew people).

The Book of Mormon is a religious history

For the most part, the Book of Mormon deals with religious topics. The writers in the book were also Prophets, descendants of Joseph of Egypt by genealogy, and thus of the “House of Israel.” The book does touch on some of the major historical events of the people as well; wars, movements, daily life; but all in the context of their relationship with God.

The ancient people in the Book of Mormon had a version of “The Bible”

The collective books that we now know as “The Bible” were written by the Hebrew people; if we have a bible at all, we can thank the Jewish prophets of old for it, since it was they who wrote it. When Jesus Christ came to the earth, Judaism fractured, creating Christianity. The Christian prophets and apostles are responsible for the New Testament, while the Old Testament is the world of the Judaic prophets of old.

In the Book of Mormon, you will find that the Bible is quoted, often. The people in the Book of Mormon had the ancient Judaic records that we now call the “Old Testament”; the books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, etc), and the other Prophets as well (Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc). These were scripture to them, and they followed them diligently.

The Book of Mormon people lived on the American continent

As is recorded in the record of this people, they traveled by boat to the American continent around 589 B.C. It is not known exactly where in the North and South American continents they resided; they also migrated to various portions of the continents at different times, and even had groups that voyages by boat to other lands.

Has the Book of Mormon been dis-proven?

The Book of Mormon, translated in the early 1800’s, has withstood the tests of science and scholarly review ever since. The record is undeniably of Judaic-Hebrew origin. The evidences of it being an ancient record are many, and no one has successfully placed any reasonable question on those facts, though many have tried.

Like the Bible, you can’t know if the Book of Mormon is true through science. With scripture, God’s word, our Heavenly Father requires faith. You can read the Bible or the Book of Mormon, and ask God if they are true, and in a beautiful way, He has provided an individual and personal testimony; the Holy Ghost; which can tell you whether they are true or not.

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