Where to buy Mormon food storage

I see the question a lot: “Where do I go to buy Mormon food storage?” The term “mormon food storage” is a little bit off; anyone can store food, and we certainly don’t buy, store and eat food that is unique to Mormons. In any case, people are curious, so I will address the issue with some information on how and why we store food.

Where do Mormons go to buy food for food storage

The answer to this question varies from place to place, and even from household to household. We are encouraged to store up as much food as we are able to, financially and legally (yes, some countries do have restrictions on food storage!) Many Mormon families start with a month’s supply, then build to 3 months, 6 months and eventually to a year’s supply of food storage.

A great way to start is to purchase a few extra cans of food on your next trip to the store. The secret is not to get so overwhelmed that you can’t reach your goals! With just a few extra cans, you’ll be starting your own “store house,” which you can pull from in times of need.

Graduating from buying extra canned goods, many Mormons will visit what is known as a “mormon cannery.” This is a location that the LDS church maintains where food is purchased by the church in bulk, then members can buy the food without markup and can it themselves for long-term storage. Members also do volunteer canning work for food that is distributed for local needs and charity. Click on the food storage tabs at the top of the page for information on how to find the cannery nearest to you.

Mormon’s also use other resources to buy food storage: Costco, the internet, local farms, or bulk and group orders from large farms (I have purchased from Walton Feed in a group purchase, for example). Your local mormon ward might do one or more “group buys” where shipping is greatly reduced and prices lowered based on quantity; these buys are always open to people of other faiths who are also looking to store food! Use the meeting house locator at the top of this sight to find contact information for your local mormon church.

Why do Mormons store food?

Ok, so now you have a general idea of where mormon’s get food storage, but do you know why we store food? In our faith, we have a strong principle of what we call “temporal welfare.” We believe that a person’s temporal, or physical needs must be met before they are able to focus on spiritual things. We also believe that everyone on this earth ┬ámust come to a knowledge of their spiritual heritage, our Divine Nature, as sons and daughters of God.

Mormons reconcile these two ideas through programs designed to help everyone have what they need in the way of food, shelter, clothing, etc. This is not limited to church members only; the LDS church reaches out with welfare and relief efforts as much as possible, around the globe, to help those who stand in need. Once these basic human needs have been met, individuals are more able to hear, understand, and choose for themselves whether they will accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Without “temporal welfare,” many would be so lost in their own physical needs, they would not have time to hear the message of the restored Gospel. Therefore, temporal welfare becomes one of the most important missions of the LDS church, and is directly related to our ability to carry on other missionary efforts.

Is food storage only for emergencies?

This I bring up only because I have seen so many who feel they live in a place or situation where they could never have a need for food storage. It is the nature of mankind to become “comfortable” in life, and to feel that everything will always be just as they have designed it to be.

Unfortunately, things do change, and no one is immune to struggle, hardship, and disaster. When a family stores food, they buffer themselves against these hardships. A trial as simple and common as unemployment becomes that much more bearable when you are able to put food in your children’s mouths. Time, energy and worry that would have otherwise been spent on filling stomachs, can be spend instead on solving the actual issue and restoring normalcy to life.

I have a personal testimony, through my own experience as well as through what I have seen in the news and in other people’s lives, that food storage is a Divinely inspired idea. I recommend and desire that all who have had the thought cross their minds to store food should do so. As always, feel free to contact me with questions using the links at the top of the site.

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