Beyond Food Storage: Self Reliance

There is more to it than food storage

In the Mormon church, we are encouraged to “be prepared.” This means more than just having food storage; it means being prepared mentally, physically, and temporally, for whatever situations might arise in life. It means having a financial reserve, as well as a plan. We should have a plan for a house fire, a death in the family, or the loss of a job. Being prepared means sleeping easier at night. It can also mean the difference between being able to cope with life’s challenges, or being crushed under the waves.

Being prepared means being able to help others

There are many reasons why we should prepare ourselves in life, but one of the most important reasons is this: when you are prepared, you are better able to help others. It is impossible to lift someone else up, unless you are on “higher ground.” When a person is prepared and a situation arises, they are not only better able to care for themselves and their family, but they are also better able to reach out and help others.

Jesus Christ taught that we should love our neighbor, and do everything for them that we would do for ourselves. He also gave the great example of caring for those in need. In the Mormon church, we believe that we will be best prepared to serve other people when we can take a little extra care and precaution, and prepare for life’s eventualities.

Mormon church website on Self-Reliance

Below is a screen capture of a new website by the Mormon church on being prepared. The website has some great information on how to get started with “self-reliance,” which is the overarching concept for things like food storage and preparedness.

Mormon church self reliance website

Mormon church self reliance website

When you visit the website, you’ll find information on:

  • Food storage
  • Saving money, financial reserves
  • Spiritual blessings from being prepared
  • Serving others

There are links to articles and additional information. If you are looking for more specific food storage information, please feel free to use the link at the top of this website, or feel free to ask me any questions you may have!


Mormon sponsored website for overcoming pornography addiction

website combating pornography

New Mormon Anti-Pornography Website

Pornography is a serious addiction

You might think that pornography is harmless. Certainly, many people view it as a non-issue, something that “doesn’t hurt anyone.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The pornography industry is riddled with abuse, and people who get caught in the trap of pornography often find themselves unable to overcome it, sometimes slipping into patterns of abuse or self-abuse themselves.

About the Combating Pornography Website

Visit the Anti-Pornography Website

The website is very simple and easy to use. It is a confidential way for a person to get help. It is also a great resource for someone who wants to help another person, such as a spouse or loved one. The biggest problem with pornography addiction is that it isolates individuals. When a person is isolated from others in a problem, it becomes difficult or impossible to break free. This website helps break that pattern of isolation, by bringing the subject out in the open.

Prevent, Recognize, Overcome, Support

Whether a visitor to the website comes for themselves, or to help someone they love, they will be provided with resources aimed at prevention, recognizing patterns of addiction, overcoming addition, and supporting or getting support. Each of these areas of focus is designed to address a specific need, and a specific level of addiction. Even if you don’t have a problem with pornography, the site has a great education value, especially for parents.

Addiction Recovery Program

As a part of the website, the Mormon church provides a link to their addiction recover program. You can download their entire program booklet at this link:

Download PDF of LDS Addiction Recover Program

The program is a step-based system with a focus on religious faith and trust in God. Anyone can use it, and the LDS church also has programs with group counselling sessions to help individuals with addictions.

If you have any questions about the Mormon church, or about the combating pornography website, feel free to ask them here! Video: “My New Life”

This is a touching video about a woman who survived a serious plane crash. She talks about how the accident changed her life, and how she has a renewed vision of her purpose on earth, her family, and more.

Often, just when we think that life is going along perfectly, it is interrupted. This woman had a choice between becoming bitter and angry with God, or choosing to use the opportunity to learn, and to reach out to others.

Definitely worth watching this short video clip from

2010 Mormon World Report

If you’re curious about what the Mormon church is doing around the world, the semi-annual “World Report” will be of interest to you. The report contains news and information on the mormon church and its members, in video format. You can watch all of the report online for free, or order it on DVD for a small fee that covers the printing of the DVD.

Watch the 2010 mormon church world report online free

Here are a few of the topics covered in the mormon church world report videos:

  • Haiti Relief
  • Chile Earthquake Response
  • Tsunami Recovery in Samoa
  • Brazil Helping Hands Ten Year Anniversary
  • Mormon Battalion Visitors Center
  • Cardinal George Speaks at BYU
  • Elder Dallin H. Oaks Speaks at Harvard
  • Choir Christmas Concert with Natalie Cole

Another exceptional way to learn about the Mormon church and how it is involved in current events is to check out the LDS Newsroom. You can view it online at:

View the LDS newsroom website online

Beyond those two sites, always feel free to ask any questions you might have about mormonism here on this website, I am more than happy to help!

Mormon faith and politics

I just read a very interesting article about the mayor of Honolulu, Mayor Hannemann, who is mormon. You can read the article in its entirety at the following link:

Honolulu mayor bases leadership on Mormon principles

I was pleased to hear this mayor speak of the good he felt he could accomplish, partly as a result of his faith. He readily and openly noted that his faith was the foundation for his action, and that he tried to do everything that he felt was good and right in his position. He stresses open and honest dealings in the city, and has one of the best track records in city audits, and a high bond rating, both indicators of cleanly run government.

In this day and age when public trust in government is waning, it is always nice to hear of situations where trust is restored and people have faith and trust in their leaders. Examples like this one abound, with good and worthy leaders from every faith, around the country.

This article also reminded me that people often have questions about how mormons are involved politically. There are two important things to consider when asking the question, which I’ll outline below.

Political Neutrality of Mormons

The official stand on political matters, from the LDS church itself, is one of political neutrality. The mormon church does not tell its members what to think, how to vote, what party to belong to, or who to support. The church never endorses a political candidate. In addition, church buildings can not be used as a venue for partisan political purposes. Church member contact lists are also not used for political purposes.

The evidence of this is clear when you talk to mormons from around the globe. They will belong to various political parties, and hold various political views on a number of subjects. In the US, we have local, state and federal leaders who are LDS, belonging to every major party. It is my hope that these men and women strive to do their civic duty to the best of their understanding, supporting and upholding the laws and the constitution.

What political involvement is encouraged by the mormon church?

The church encourages its members to be involved in our communities and in our country. We are told to become informed on current political issues, and make our own decisions concerning them. We are asked to act civilly, respecting the views of others while working to support or oppose political actions or candidates that we feel are right for the job. LDS people who run for office are asked by the church to not indicate or even imply that the LDS church enforces their candidacy or platforms.

Perhaps the LDS church is somewhat unique in its political stance of neutrality, but this does allow members of the church to reach their own conclusions, which is at the core of our beliefs. Each person who comes to this earth is endowed with the ability to choose, and it is by the exercise of that ability that we find our path in this life. Mormons regard this as our Father’s greatest gift to His children on earth, and strive to respect and maintain it in every aspect of our faith.

If you have further questions about mormons, or mormon politics, feel free to ask them here!