Mormon sponsored website for overcoming pornography addiction

website combating pornography

New Mormon Anti-Pornography Website

Pornography is a serious addiction

You might think that pornography is harmless. Certainly, many people view it as a non-issue, something that “doesn’t hurt anyone.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The pornography industry is riddled with abuse, and people who get caught in the trap of pornography often find themselves unable to overcome it, sometimes slipping into patterns of abuse or self-abuse themselves.

About the Combating Pornography Website

Visit the Anti-Pornography Website

The website is very simple and easy to use. It is a confidential way for a person to get help. It is also a great resource for someone who wants to help another person, such as a spouse or loved one. The biggest problem with pornography addiction is that it isolates individuals. When a person is isolated from others in a problem, it becomes difficult or impossible to break free. This website helps break that pattern of isolation, by bringing the subject out in the open.

Prevent, Recognize, Overcome, Support

Whether a visitor to the website comes for themselves, or to help someone they love, they will be provided with resources aimed at prevention,¬†recognizing¬†patterns of addiction, overcoming addition, and supporting or getting support. Each of these areas of focus is designed to address a specific need, and a specific level of addiction. Even if you don’t have a problem with pornography, the site has a great education value, especially for parents.

Addiction Recovery Program

As a part of the website, the Mormon church provides a link to their addiction recover program. You can download their entire program booklet at this link:

Download PDF of LDS Addiction Recover Program

The program is a step-based system with a focus on religious faith and trust in God. Anyone can use it, and the LDS church also has programs with group counselling sessions to help individuals with addictions.

If you have any questions about the Mormon church, or about the combating pornography website, feel free to ask them here!

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