New gives you more real insights

New website launched

The LDS church has just launched a new version of their website. The entire website has been re-created, with a focus on letting Mormon church members share their own stories, in their own words. The results are amazing, and I would recommend the site to anyone in a heartbeat. I’ll try to outline the features as I see them in this post.

New Website

The new is very useful for answering questions about mormonism

Focus on letting members share their story

The greatest thing about the new is its strong focus on letting church members, or “mormons” share their own stories, in their own words. If you click on “Our People” and then “Meet Mormons” in the top menu, you will get a very simple “search” feature that lets you read stories from Mormons who may have a similar background to your own.

After reading several profiles on the site, I was very impressed by how personalized the stories could be, and how everyone shares their perspective in a unique and individual way. If you have questions about mormonism that you are having a hard time getting answers to, the new may be a great way to get answers from someone who might understand your background!

New is filled with member created profiles

Each of the LDS church members on the new site has created a profile and shared personal insights and stories. The site is literally filled with thousands of personal stories, and answers to various questions you might have on mormonism. To test it out, I created a profile myself, which you can view online here:

View my profile online

The site is of course entirely voluntary for LDS church members, but provides a great way to share a story and feelings so that others can easily find them.

Easily search for stories that may be relevant to your and your questions

I find that often times we communicate best with people of our own culture, from our own country, of our own gender, age, etc. We want to know what our peers think and feel. A native amerian may have questions about mormonism and be curious what other native amerians think and feel on the subject. The same might be true for anyone with questions about mormonism.

The new website lets you search profiles and read stories based on your own search criteria. After searching, you are presented with a series of pictures that you can view, picking the ones that stand out to you to read. It’s easy, quick, and even fun.

Visit the new and try it out; it’s quick and easy, with no signup

If you just want to visit the new website and read information and stories, do it now! There is no signup, and you can start searching profiles immediately. If you have questions, feel free to ask them here!

The new website: the easiest way to get information on mormons

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