New website for Phoenix Arizona Mormon temple

The Mormon church has just launched a new, official website for the Phoenix Arizona LDS temple. You can visit the site at the following link:

Background of the Phoenix Temple

On the website you can see the new re-design of the proposed temple plans, with an artists rendering as well as an overhead view and an in-context aerial view. The original plans for the Phoenix Mormon Temple were for a 2-story building, 40-feet tall (minus the steeple.) The new re-design reduces the height to be within existing zoning by making the building a single-story design.

Residents in the area had voiced concerns over the previous temple design, and the issue went through a process of approval and many city and county meetings where the people of the community were very active participants. Concerns about exterior color, lighting, parking, traffic and noise were all addressed. The Mormon church remains dedicated to being a great neighbor in this existing community.

What does the new website above offer

The new website linked above has a Frequently Asked Question section that answers questions about the new temple and its impact on the community. The answers are based on months of 3rd-party studies carried out during the temple design phase. There are also several pictures of what the new temple will look like.

Even more importantly, the new website above contains information that explains why temples are so important to the Mormon people. There is even a section with specific information about the Mormon church and its history in Phoenix and in Arizona.

Questions about Temples or Mormons?

If you have more questions about Mormon Temples, or about Mormonism or Mormons, please feel free to ask them here! I try to answer all questions personally, and never post your question or information on the site.

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