What is the best source for information on Mormonism?

Where can I get answers on Mormonism?

In this day of easy information, you can find out everything you want to know about Mormons, their beliefs, why they live the way they do, in just a few clicks. The absolute best source for information on the Mormon church is LDS.org, a comprehensive and thorough website with an exceptional search tool. You can use the menu-bar to access main topics, but if you have a specific question about Mormonism, you can search for it, and instantly scan through decades of general conference talks, printed articles, and official statements from church leaders. It is the best way to get accurate information about the Mormon church, from actual reference material!

What if I want to hear it from Mormons themselves?

Another exceptional way to get information about the Mormon church is to talk to an active church-going member- after all, they go every week and are familiar with the Mormon church! ┬áBut even if you don’t know anyone who is Mormon, and if you’re not comfortable walking into a Mormon church and just chatting with someone, you can contact a member online, or read member profiles, at the new mormon.org website. You can chat live with a member and ask any question you want, or just read what members themselves have to say. There are thousands of profiles online now (including mine!) for you to browse through.

I’ve heard … about Mormons and Mormonism. Is it true?

There are all sorts of poor sources of information out there- from groups that simply don’t like Mormons, to people pretending to be experts because they used to go to a Mormon church, and even outlandish TV shows! The plain simple fact is this: there are volumes of information on Mormonism available to anyone who wants to read and learn. Why settle for 2nd-hand information, when you can find out for yourself?

One thing I have always loved about the Church is the fact that no one has ever asked me to just “trust them,” or just “believe.” I have never been told to take anyone’s “word for it.” I haven’t even been asked to have blind faith in a book- no, not even in the Bible or the Book of Mormon. The invitation has always been “ask God.” In the Mormon church, you are always invited to find out for yourself by asking God in Prayer.

Ask questions here too!

As always, your questions and comments are welcome on this website. I will answer them personally and directly, without posting your question online before asking you; and I never post people’s names in connection with a question. So feel free to use the link at the top of the page to ask away!

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