What do Mormons believe?

There is a great new page on the Mormon church’s official website, mormon.org, that talks a lot about what we believe. It is well organized into subjects, so you can find answers quickly on any particular topic. If you’re curious about what Mormon’s believe on any given subject, this is a great place to start:

What do Mormons believe? Mormon.org section with answers.

I couldn’t possibly hope to cover every topic that is covered in the website above, but let me at least touch on a few questions that people often have about Mormonism.

Are Mormons Christians?

Yes, we absolutely are Christians. We believe in Christ, and strive to do all that he taught in the New Testament.  We worship Christ; He is central to everything that Mormons believe.

Do Mormons read the bible?

Yes, specifically we usually read and study from the King James Version of the bible (in english), but also study other versions and languages. We teach from the bible on Sunday, and use the bible in our missionary work and other efforts. We strive to live by the commandments from the bible, and believe that there is much good to be had from both the old and new testaments.

The Book of Mormon is an entirely separate book, translated in the 1800’s by Joseph Smith by the power and gift of God. It is a record of the people who lived on the American continents from about 600BC to about 400AD. It contains another witness that Jesus if the Christ, and also a complete record of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as was had among those people. We read and study this book along with the bible.

Are Mormons very political?

Some are, and some aren’t at all. There are Mormons in the Senate and House, both republican and democrat. Our church doesn’t dictate how its members are to act politically, only that we should take part in our communities and be honest contributing members.

Above anything else, what I have learned in the Mormon church is that in this life we each get to choose for ourselves. No one else holds the reigns, it is up to us to judge and make good choices. When it comes to politics, Mormons are all over the board, but I do hope each of them at leasts feels they are making the best choices they can to represent the people they are there to serve.

More questions?

If you have more questions about Mormonism, feel free to ask me here!