Can anyone enter a Mormon church?

Recently I’ve heard from two different people, that many think they can’t enter a Mormon church or attend a Mormon church meeting. There is an idea out there that Mormon church meetings are somehow closed to the public. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Mormon church meetings are open to the public

Every Sunday in Mormon church houses around the world a service is held. Following the service, there is a “Sunday School” consisting of Gospel-centered classes separated by age. Following that meeting, there are two main meetings for adults: Priesthood Meeting and Relief Society Meeting. All of these meetings, every Sunday, are completely open to the general public. You can come and watch one meeting, or any combination of all three. You can participate if you want, but you never have to, and you can always ask questions.

Visitors welcome and encouraged

Not only do we welcome visitors, we encourage them! Many people have heard of the Mormon church, but not very many have seen how their meetings go, and how the people worship and learn on Sundays. Attending a Mormon church meeting is probably one of the best ways to learn more about the church with very little effort or commitment. Anyone can stop by, any time.

Special meetings; still open to the public!

Every first Sunday of the month our first worship service is a special meeting, call “Fast and Testimony Meeting.” In this meeting, anyone from the congregation can walk up to the podium and share their own feelings on God, Jesus Christ, and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has worked in their own life. It is a time for anyone, of any age or background or experience, to share their thoughts and feelings. If you’ve been to a regular meeting, but not a Fast and Testimony meeting, come back on a first Sunday and see what they are all about.

What about Temples?

The Mormon Temples are usually closed on Sundays, and they don’t have general “meetings” like our meeting houses do. They have marriages and other ceremonies, that aren’t open to the public. However, you can always visit the temple grounds to walk around, take pictures, and enjoy the setting. You can also ask questions at the desk, take tours of the grounds, and some even have visitor centers. If you have a Temple nearby, take the time to stop by and see the parts that are open to the general public!

How do I find a Mormon church?

Use the locator link at the top of this page to find the nearest Mormon meeting house, and also to get information on when meetings are held, and a phone number to call for more information about your local meetings. If you need help, use the ask a question link at the top of this page and I’ll do what I can for you!

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