Clear statement from LDS church on Prop 8 Ruling

The “Mormon Church” (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) released a very clear and concise statement after the recent ruling from the 9th circuit court on California Proposition 8. You can read it for yourself at this link, I will also post the full statement below for convenience:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints regrets today’s decision. California voters have twice determined in a general election that marriage should be recognized as only between a man and a woman. We have always had that view. Courts should not alter that definition, especially when the people of California have spoken so clearly on the subject.

Millions of voters in California sent a message that traditional marriage is crucial to society. They expressed their desire, through the democratic process, to keep traditional marriage as the bedrock of society, as it has been for generations.

We recognize that this decision represents a continuation of what has been a vigorous public debate over the rights of the people to define and protect the fundamental institution of marriage. There is no doubt that today’s ruling will intensify the debate in this country. We urge people on all sides of this issue to act in a spirit of mutual respect and civility toward those with a different opinion.

What is the “Mormon” view of Marriage?

Amazingly, a term that has meant one thing for thousands of years of recorded history, is now on the chopping block for a total re-definition. “Marriage” has long been a union between a man and a woman. Homosexuality has also been around a long time, yet never in recorded history have those individuals required society to re-define such a traditional and fundamental thing as marriage.

The “Mormon’s” view marriage and the family as fundamental and foundational to a well established society. We believe that marriage was instituted by God, starting with Adam and Eve, and that marriage between a man and a woman is essential to the family. Marriage, to us, is literally a sacred relationship that may only exist between a man and a woman.

Do Mormon’s not want Gay’s to have rights?

Mormon’s want everyone to be treated fairly, as Jesus has taught. If you have any further questions on the point, I invite you to read this article in it’s entirety. It spells out the positions and thoughts very clearly. Protecting marriage isn’t about limiting rights. Indeed, society has made many efforts to treat people who live a homosexual lifestyle fairly. Those efforts should continue, but the re-definition of marriage is not necessary to that end.

More questions?

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