Mormon’s spreading the Gospel more online

Recently, the LDS church had a broadcast conference addressing our ever changing world and how we communicate in it. For almost 200 years, the LDS church has been sending out missionaries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ the whole world over. Those missionaries have traditionally gone from house to house, trying to give everyone an opportunity to hear what they had to say. With comunication changing at an increasingly rapid pace, missionary efforts have to change as well.

The Mormon’s primary goal, one we feel is entirely connected with a knowledge of Jesus Christ, is to spread the word about what He did for us, and how we can become more like Him. We take upon ourselves the responsibility of sharing what we know, and what we feel. How we share that changes, but the message remains the same: Jesus Christ died for us, and we must follow his example to succeed the test of life and return to live with Him.

In addition to our existing missionary efforts, the church seems ready to put more energy and effort into newer communication methods: facebook, twitter, blogs, and more. The goal of the change is simple, and is stated on the church’s official website:

 Because many people prefer to connect online, missionaries will use the Internet and digital devices in their ministry, Elder Perry said. He noted that missionaries will use “, Facebook, blogs, email, … text messages” and other platforms to reach out to people. “The Church must adapt to a changing world,”

Having operated a blog with answers about Mormonism for a little while, I understand what the church means! I have found that many, many people are comfortable asking questions and learning more on their own terms. It’s easy to approach someone online, and ask away. I encourage anyone who has a question to ask it here, or visit,, or any of the church’s official websites for more information!


You can read about the conference here:

Or, watch the conference for yourself here:


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