Honoring Women, Honoring Men

Recently, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (often called the “Mormons”) released a statement. In that statement, one line stood out to me more than the rest:

“All service in the Church has equal merit in the eyes of God. “

The statement released was in response to accusations from some that an male Priesthood in the church was unacceptable and somehow demeaning to women.

To these people I would say, the positions held by women, in the church and in society, have had a great impact, and have as much merit as any Priesthood calling could ever hope to have. God is “no respecter of persons” as the bible teaches in Acts 10. All are alike to God, equally His children, and equally important.

But equal, as even the nature of women and men clearly demonstrates, does not mean identical. In our societal quest for homogenousness, we’ve forgotten the great value that women bring to our homes, our governments, our schools, and our public square. Their unique abilities are a treasure to mankind, and a blessing on the earth.

 As for the ordination of women to the Priesthood, there are many excellent resources that have been around for years to help individuals understand the topic. Those who want to search and understand can do so. Here is one link to information on the subject. There are many more, easily searchable in this internet age.

It is my sincere prayer that men and women will honor each other in their unique roles. I sincerely hope and pray that people will understand just how important they are individually to God’s plan on this earth. We all have important work to accomplish, and even though our work is not all the same, it is all equally important in the sight of God.

Here is the full text of the brief statement from the LDS church on the subject, quoted above.

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