April 2015 Mormon General Conference

I used to post quite a bit before a general conference, when information wasn’t really gathered up and presented on lds.org in a way that was easy and approachable. But in recent years, the LDS church as really improved the usability of their website, and made information clear and easy to find. Technology has moved forward, and the LDS church has stayed at the forefront, making it easier than ever to find answers to questions people may have about the LDS (Mormon) church.

General Conference is a world-wide broadcast meeting that the entire Mormon Church membership of over 15 million, plus anyone else who is interested, can take part in. It happens twice yearly, with an “Annual” conference and a “Semi-Annual” conference. 2015 marks the 185th anniversary of the conference, which has been going on continuously since 1830.

For anyone who is curious about the Mormon faith, general conference is one of the best ways to get information that is accurate and honest. The conference is broadcast over the internet, so it’s easy to watch any time you want, including live on Conference weekend. For schedules and more information visit the official website:


If you have any questions about Mormon General Conference, or anything else, feel free to ask me here!