What is Mormonism?

Many people have heard of “Mormons,” but not everyone knows what that really means. To summarize, “Mormon” is a proper name of a person that was born around 300 A.D. This individual compiled a variety of records into a single volume, which was translated and published in 1830 as “The Book of Mormon.” People who believe in the contents of that book were derisively nicknamed “Mormons” in the 1800’s.

Those “Mormons,” of which I am one, are actually Christians who believe in Jesus Christ, the Bible, Prophets, Apostles, etc. We belong to a church called “the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,” distinguishing ourselves as members of the same Church that Christ organized, but in modern times. We often call ourselves “LDS” or refer to the “LDS Church” for convenience, but even that detracts from the simple fact that we belong to the Church of Christ, or the Christian Church.

That being said, even some Christians still don’t understand or perhaps believe that a “Mormon” can be a Christian. They recognize that we understand certain points of doctrine differently than they do, and draw arbitrary lines in the sands of Christianity to exclude. In my own personal experience, some members of other Christian groups don’t understand what we “Mormons” believe at all.

The LDS Church has noted that “the Church has the responsibility to publicly and clearly articulate its official teachings.” Since the church has already done that themselves, I will not regurgitate everything they said here. Instead, I invite you to read the article linked below for yourself. If you have questions, I invite you to ask them here using the link at the top. I’ll do my best to provide my own insights and understanding.

Mormonism 101: What is Mormonism?

Obviously, I am simply a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don’t speak for the Church officially, nor can I possibly answer every question or concern. What I can do is testify that Jesus is the Christ, the Redeemer of the world. I can testify that through His Holy Spirit, we can all know that we are children of God. I can testify that Jesus Christ died for each of us, and that we can all take part in His love and grace.

I can also hope and pray that my fellow Christians will understand my heart, and join hands with me in my belief in the Savior, in sustaining and defending the faith in an ever darkening world. We can all work together to make the world better, and to spread the message of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.


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