72 Hour Kits

What should I keep in my 72hr kit?

FEMA recommends the following categories:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Medications and Special Items
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Sanitation
  • Clothing and Bedding
  • Emergency Car Kit
  • Important Family Documents
  • First Aid Kit

You can read more about what FEMA and the federal government recommend here.

Now, keep in mind what a 72hr kit might be used for… it is generally a grab-and-go kit that you can take with you in case of emergency (fire, evacuation, etc). By having a kit prepared, you can be ready to survive until you can stabilize. 72hr kits are for actual emergencies, unlike food storage which can be useful for a variety of other reasons.

For me personally, and from what I have read from others, water is the #1 most important part of survival. You can go for weeks without food (though it is very unpleasant at first), but you can die in days with no water. Unfortunately, water is also heavy, bulky and hard to carry. In my opinion, it is the hardest part of a 72hr kit.

Keep an eye on this site for more details on 72hr kits, and on the water question.


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