Meeting Locator

Are you interested in where the closest Mormon church building to you is? Thinking about maybe stopping by a Sunday worship service, just to see what a Mormon meeting is like? You can find the nearest Mormon meeting house by using the linked Locator tool below. It works with Google Maps to show you the location of the nearest Mormon Church, complete with meeting times:

Official Mormon Church Locator – Worship With Us

NOTE: The locator above will list “wards & branches” and “ward and branch meeting times.” A ward and a branch are simply groups of people that meet in a building at a certain time. Like a parish, or congregation.

You can enter your zipcode and it will find the nearest buildings and meeting times. If you want to attend a Mormon church meeting, they are completely open to the general public. There is no dress code, but Mormon church goers usually wear what might be called “business casual”, or suits, dresses or skirts & blouses, etc. You can wear what you like, no one is turned away.

If you want to see what members of the Mormon church feel about their faith, feel free to visit a Mormon church meeting on the first Sunday of any month. That is what is called “Fast and Testimony” day, where members skip two meals (and give the proceeds to help those in need), and also are free to come up to the pulpip and talk about their personal feelings about Christ.

You will be welcome if you decide to visit! Come and see what the Mormon church is really all about!


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